May 1, 2019 1 min to read


Category : Editorial

Madelle Payne, Editor

When God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He gave them stewardship of His masterpiece. He put them in charge—with real responsibility. For instance, as Adam gave names to each animal, he had to own that decision and live with the consequences. The Garden was truly in the care of Adam and Eve. And thus, we can imagine, the work of their hands and minds was extremely fulfilling and satisfying to them.

When Medical Ambassadors goes into a community, we recognize the most profound changes will happen only if the local people control the decisions made and the resulting actions. As you read this issue of Healing Lives, watch for instances of local ownership in the stories you see.

You’ll find the feature article by Ravi Jayakaran about the subject of ownership (click here). In two stories (here and here), John Payne addresses situations in which the lack of local ownership brings complexity or sabotage to good projects. Victor Chen writes (click here) about biblical people who learned to work together to accomplish an enormous goal.
And the “Field Notes” bring you current happenings from around the world (click here).

Turning over leadership happens organizationally as well as locally. Bibiana Mac Leod writes of new leaders emerging in the Caribbean and South America (click here). Bill and Sharon Bieber tell the story of watching a young woman grow into the Area Coordinator in Papua New Guinea (click here). And that woman, Emma Wakpi, writes (click here) about a downtrodden people group who discover their value as they connect God’s story to their own cultural stories.

And finally, Steve Belton, MAI’s President of the Board and an ob-gyn physician, describes attending a Women’s Cycle of Life training seminar (click here). Despite his considerable credentials, Steve says you can still teach an old dog new tricks!

There’s something amazing about empowering people to use their ideas and efforts for good, whether locally or across a continent. Through MAI’s training programs people learn to work together; learn how to carry out their desires for bettering their communities; learn to know and love the God Who put them there as stewards. Through this process—wonderfully!—people find their God-given potential and fulfillment.

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