May 1, 2019 1 min to read

Donor Story: Frana Hamilton

Category : Testimony

Frana is a member of the MAI team…she’s a donor and a faithful pray-er. Her connection with MAI goes back to the days of Founder Dr. Ray and Lou Benson. Years ago, Frana and her husband, Wes, went to the same church the Bensons attended in Billings, Montana.

The opportunity to talk with Frana was a delight and her life experiences have been many and varied. Frana is 87 years young with a fantastic outlook on life. Let me show you by having Frana speak for herself:

We were at this conference grounds and I was standing there looking at these huge evergreens. I noticed this old grove—the trees have been there for hundreds of years. On the end of every branch, there was some green growth. I said, “Lord, when I get old”—I was only 50 years old at that time—“when I get old, Lord, I still want that new growth in my life. Will you give me new growth as long as I’m alive? Will you let me have new growth so that I can continue to be relevant? So that I can continue to serve you and have a ministry for you?”  It’s grand and glorious to walk with the Lord. As I get older I’m looking back on my life and realizing how, unbeknownst to me, God was planning things all along.

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