May 1, 2019 0 min to read

Book Review: A Long Walk to Water

Category : Book Review

Reviewed by April Brown, Graphic Designer

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park is a story of two young Africans. One boy. One girl. Both on very long walks.

One is a story of tragedy, loss, fear, and the hope that sustains us. The other is a story of hardship, trials, and the hope that sustainability can bring. These two stories are woven together in a way that keeps you reading “just one more chapter.”

Based on a true story, A Long Walk to Water gives a glimpse into the difficult lives of the Sudanese people during the war that began in 1985 and the day-to-day challenges in 2008. Life is harder for these eleven-year-olds than we Westerners can even imagine. And yet they have hope. Hope for a future. Hope for happiness. Hope that they can help make change. Hope for themselves, for their families, for the people of Sudan.

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